Moxie + Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Delivering Customer Experience Excellence

with Ben Werner
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

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Originally Presented Nov 13, 2012

Ben Werner

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Nikhil Govindaraj
VP of Products, Moxie


Moxie Software and Microsoft have partnered to provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM with comprehensive multi-channel and knowledge base solutions to deliver superior customer experiences. If you are considering online customer service tools such as email, chat, knowledge base, or web self-service, you won’t want to miss this compelling webinar detailing the features Moxie Software brings to Dynamics CRM customers.

Watch this OnDemand webinar to learn how to improve the way your organization interacts, understands, and delivers superior customer service. Moxie’s partnership with Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps organizations:

Provide a Single Source of Truth:
Ensure Dynamics CRM is your sole source for accurate data on all customer information and interactions
Drive Seamless Multi-channel Interactions:
Access contact and case records within Dynamics CRM in a single agent desktop
Resolve Inquiries Faster:
Search for answers, create and view cases, and update information in Dynamics CRM from within the agent desktop